“Fabulous program! I have learned so much myself just by teaching the lessons.”

“I can’t wait to do the Art in Action program next year. So uplifting, educational, exciting and enjoyable.”

“I love the online lessons. They help me incorporate literacy into the curriculum!”

“I recommend this to every educator I know.”

“I have found Art in Action a refreshing and invigorating teaching experience — a beautifully organized, handsomely packaged, and consistently supported program that offers me the opportunity to present my students with challenging and creative art activities.”

“We were looking for a curriculum tied to the standards and based on the masters, not just kids coloring. Only Art in Action answered all our needs. The Art in Action curriculum is fabulous, and I feel very confident teaching. It gives me hints and tips. Last year I was spending hours preparing for standards compliance, and Art in Action has it all done for me. The program’s three most important attributes: Standards-based; technology-based; easy to use.”



“It’s a wonderful program that brings out the best in each child.”

“My kids love it and I enjoy learning with the kids!”

“I don’t see how any program could give kids a finer art education for the value.”

“This is a fantastic program and I am proud to be a part of it.”

“I am absolutely in love with your program… The curriculum is fantastic and extremely user friendly.”

“The on-line lessons are fabulous! I really feel that they make a big difference in helping to prepare for a lesson and are so well done. Thank you, thank you! Art in Action continues to amaze…”

“Art in Action is the gold standard for involving parents in classrooms.”

“The Art in Action program has been a huge success at our elementary school. We started with just the 3rd grade last year, have now added the 4th and 5th grade this year, and expect to have the entire K-5 student body fully engaged in an enriching art experience that has the ability to restore a vital element to the education of our children.”



“Art in Action is great. You really get to use your imagination and express yourself. I think everyone should do Art in Action.”

“I like Art in Action because it is really fun. I get to learn new things every time.”

“I like the way the parents teach us about art. I especially like it when they tell the history about the painting, painter, or both. The cool thing is that I learn a little history and a lot of art.”

“My favorite project was Picasso and all the shapes. When you arrange the figures in your own way, it gives you a special feeling that is very strong. I think it is cool for people to have different opinions and ideas.”

“I like Art in Action because you get to express yourself in your own ways. And it’s always been fun to learn the different ways to make art.”

“Because of Art in Action I know what art means to me, it’s a way to express yourself. It teaches all students a little more about what life was like back [in history] through paintings. I’ve grown to love art and recently I used my Art in Action skills to win a prize in the 2015 Martin Luther King Art Contest in San Mateo County.”