Training Sessions

Free training sessions are provided every Autumn for Art in Action schools with a current subscription. Online classes are approximately 90 minutes long and in-person classes are 2 hours long (location is within 10 mile proximity of Redwood City, CA). They cover each K-8 program level; including review of all 12 program lessons, visual demonstrations, discussion techniques, and general tips for classroom and materials management. Participants also have the opportunity to experience several lessons hands-on during the workshop.

Clay Training

Art in Action offers Clay Training workshops at the Menlo Park office. In these two-hour sessions you will learn the basic clay techniques used in the program lessons. While you work hands-on with clay, Art in Action advisors will offer guidance and general tips for each project. You will also receive expert knowledge about best clay practices and learn how to try and finish projects.

Custom Training

If you are in the SF Bay Area, a visit from the Art in Action training team can help motivate and inspire teachers and parents. Custom training is available all year. Several program levels can be held simultaneously. For pricing and information call 650 566-8339, or email us.

Training via Webinar

Connect with Art in Action for a training session online. You can schedule a custom webinar for your school any time of the year. For pricing and information call 650 566-8339, or email us. To view video webinars for program levels visit the Teach website.