The Program

The Art in Action Program provides a high quality, comprehensive K–8 visual arts curriculum. Students learn about works of art from cultures around the world, how to look at art using art vocabulary and concepts, and how to express themselves by creating their own unique masterpieces. Supported by training classes and online resources, the unique spiral curriculum—introducing and reinforcing concepts through the 9 program levels—gives students a solid foundation in drawing, painting, and sculpture techniques. The multifaceted lessons develop students’ critical-thinking skills, creativity, visual literacy, self-esteem, and an appreciation of other cultures. Online lessons are available on demand to give teachers animated explanations and detailed, easy-to-use directions.

The Lessons

Each of the 9 program levels has 12 sequential, age-appropriate lessons. Every lesson includes open-ended discussion questions designed to help students carefully observe various works of art, analyze them, support their ideas with evidence, and listen to the ideas of others. The students express themselves visually by applying what they have learned to create their own masterpieces. This flexible program can be taught either by the classroom teacher or by trained parent docents. All lessons are aligned with National Visual Arts Standards and are easily aligned with Common Core and other subjects.

The Cost

Implementing our high-quality visual arts program is very affordable. Since Art in Action is a nonprofit organization, the program is underwritten with charitable giving which helps maintain realistic costs for schools. The program is based on an annual subscription fee which provides schools with the full program, including online lesson plans and year-round support. Lesson-specific art materials that make teaching the program easier are also available for purchase.

10 reasons the Art in Action Program is so highly acclaimed:

  1. Comprehensive: The program includes curriculum, access to the online teach website, art supplies, teacher training, and ongoing support.
  2. Easy to teach: Projects have easy-to-follow directions that ensure successful lessons for teachers with, or without, artistic skill.
  3. Innovative: Online Lessons use state-of-the-art teaching technology and videos to illustrate the key concepts in each masterpiece and to demonstrate the art projects.
  4. Fun: Students and teachers love learning about the artists, analyzing their work, and creating in their style.
  5. Culturally diverse: The 108+ lessons include artists from around the world and different historical time periods.
  6. Affordable: Surprisingly low basic costs include curriculum and online lesson access, with optional prints, art supplies, custom training, and live support.
  7. Curriculum integrated: Includes teacher-designed suggestions for extending lessons into other subjects, such as language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and music.
  8. School-based: Run by your own team of teachers or parent volunteers in partnership with the Art in Action staff. Adapts well to a variety of school styles.
  9. Standards aligned: Meets all National and California State Academic Standards for Visual Arts, and aligns with Common Core and  multiple other subject areas.
  10. Loved by users: Outstanding annual reviews give this program 99.7% satisfaction rating year after year.