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We are glad you are here! We at Art in Action offer these lessons and resources to keep our students learning while having to cope with interruptions to their normal routines and social interactions.

Art is a great tool for engaging the imagination. It offers an outlet for a broad range of emotions and an opening for dialog around the art created — ask questions and allow the artist to reflect.

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Have fun!

Go to Digital Concepts Digital Concepts is developed for kids ages 7 and up, but anyone savvy with digital drawing apps can have fun.
Go To Primary Pack Primary Pack is developed for kids ages 5-9, but can be fun for all ages.
Go to Intermediate Pack Intermediate Pack is developed for kids ages 8-12, but can be simplified for younger ages.
Go to Advance Pack Advance Pack is developed for kids ages 12-14, but can be simplified for younger ages.
Project Videos developed for all ages by the Art in Action community.
Go to Mini Lesson Series Mini Art Lesson Series developed for all ages!
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  • 10 am PDT or 1 pm EDT
    Wendy MacNaughton drawing lessons
    Instagram: @wendymac



  • 11:08 am PDT or 2:08 pm EDT
    Youth in Arts – Art lessons
    Instagram: @youthinarts
    Facebook: @youthinarts