Art in Action Scholarship Fund

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Spring Application Deadline Friday, March 24, 2023. 

Every child deserves art!

What do you need to make art part of your students’ education? A program that shows you how to talk about some important works of art? Paints and paper ready to go so your kids can create art? Support through training and ongoing advice to make art easy and fun to teach?

In 1982, Judy Sleeth, a parent, teacher, and curriculum developer, was alarmed to find her child’s class and the whole school had no art program. Her passion for art and her belief that children need art led her to write her own lessons. These quickly became popular at local schools because they are easy to teach and the students love them. Soon Art in Action spread nationwide. It became a nonprofit in 1999, and it continues to develop the curriculum and train teachers. It is now an online program, accessible to educators everywhere. Currently reaching 75,000 children in 20+ states, Judy is thrilled that so many children are learning critical thinking, creativity, self-expression and cultural awareness through art.

The mission of Art in Action is to bring art to all children. Each year the Fund provides selected schools with this exciting art program, including materials and training. Now, more than ever, an arts education is vital to the social-emotional learning of our students. As students return back to the classroom, we can’t wait to see their creativity flourish through art!


Scholarship recipients will be selected based on the commitment of the school and teachers to make the program successful.




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