why art?

Art is the catalyst that sets an amazing course of events in motion.

Join us in our mission to bring art to students everywhere!

the curriculum

Each of Art in Action’s nine program levels has at least twelve sequential, age-appropriate lessons that provide a high-quality visual art curriculum. The multifaceted lessons develop students’ critical-thinking skills, creative confidence, hands-on skills, visual literacy, self-esteem, and an appreciation of other cultures.

sponsors and partners

Art in Action is made possible through the generous support of sponsors, donors and partners like these...



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  • Access our dynamic, common-core aligned curriculum for your grade level with a dozen comprehensive lessons that teach art techniques, skills, vocabulary and history.
  • Webinar orientation and grade-specific training
  • Online interactive curriculum with printable teaching notes, images and a robust community forum
  • Year-round support
  • $230
  • One-year Subscription
  • ART IN STEAM for K-3

  • Art in STEAM reinforces NGSS and Common Core Math standards using visual art as a creative vehicle.
  • Art and creativity collide with STEM to engage students in exciting art projects that reinforce STEM concepts.
  • Each multi-grade program, K/1 and 2/3, offer four engaging STEAM lessons.
  • Play-n-Pause student facing videos that prompt students to wonder and explore their world through art.
  • 1-888-566-1982

  • Arts education for students at home (distance learning) or school. Simplified art materials and student-facing resources. Each bundle has three fun art lessons from our diverse curriculum, giving students a foundation in art concepts, history, and techniques.
  • Choose from Primary, Intermediate or
    Advanced curriculum lessons
  • Access to 3 different grade-level lessons
  • Select materials available
  • Distance Learning Options

As a nonprofit organization we raise funds to keep costs low so all kids can have a visual arts program.
Thanks to our generous donors, our prices reflect a 42% subsidy for all schools and organizations.

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what we do

we’ve designed a
complete art program

Art in Action’s curriculum spans from Kindergarten-8th Grade, so whether you’re looking to teach art to a single class or a whole school, we’ve got you covered.

we train your
teachers & volunteers

6th Grade Training 2013
Having a culture of art at your school means everyone can get involved! Most training can be done over the web, even if you’ve never taught art before.

we provide the
art materials

You can purchase pre-cut, counted, and labeled program-specific art supplies needed for a year of art!  We present an easy solution for teachers and parent volunteers.

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why we do it


“Arts education fosters bright, creative, and socially engaged students who will grow up to be our next leaders, parents, teachers, artists, and engineers. Their innovative ideas will shape industries; their creative thinking will find out-of-the-box solutions for a global society, and will provide students with a way to understand themselves, and have a sense of belonging.” — Jane Chu, National Endowment for the Arts.

creative confidence

“Art in Action not only provides an exposure to the arts, it helps students develop self esteem, is an outlet for creative expression, and it increases parent participation within the school. Our students are very fortunate to have this program.” — Art in Action Parent Docent


“My class has studied Van Gogh, Ghirlandaio, Miro, and African textiles to name a few… I see my students lose any hesitation with regard to self-expression and make meaningful connections across the curriculum. They are as intrigued by the lives and techniques of the artists as they are with the projects.” — Elementary School Teacher

We currently make an arts education accessible to 76,000 students in 250 schools and organizations, in 2,400 classrooms and after-school programs, and in over 30 states nationwide.


But there are still 4 million students without access to a visual arts program. Join us in our mission to bring art to students everywhere!

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every child deserves art

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