We’re Throwing a Party

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March is Arts Education Month, a time when we advocate for the importance of art in our schools and celebrate the impact Art in Action makes every day to over 50,000 students in nearly 200 schools.

While those are impressive numbers, there are still millions of students without access to a visual arts program of any kind.  Every day we hear from parents and teachers who want to bring Art in Action to their schools but can’t. While the recognition of the importance of an arts education is beginning to grow, state and federal funding in elementary schools is not keeping pace.

This is why on March 27, 2015 four hundred of our best friends will be attending OBJECT:ART, our annual fundraising benefit.  By raising money through events like this, we are able to keep art education affordable for schools everywhere. Additionally, funds generated from OBJECT:ART will allow us to update our curriculum and make it even more relevant to Common Core and other subjects, while introducing new artists and movements to students hungry for more art knowledge and skills.  We are already testing several new lessons, including  a very popular STEAM lesson that focuses on patterns found in nature and art.

In fact, in recognition of the profound connections between art and science, we are presenting our first Art Visionary Award at the event to Dennis Hwang, the founding Google Doodler. He combined his art background with his role as Google’s webmaster to delight and inspire us through the imaginative artwork on Google’s home page.  For us, a doodle represents that first creative moment at the start of a project, the visual manifestation of a thought, and practice for art skills to be implemented later.  What Art in Action does best is to provide creative confidence in students helping them turn their doodles into satisfying pieces of art while becoming lifelong art lovers in the process.

Of course, OBJECT:ART will also be a great party where you can exchange ideas, meet artists, make new friends and gain a deeper understanding of Art in Action’s impact.  And bid on great Silent Auction items like unique art experiences and exciting works of art. We hope you’ll join guests of sponsors like Google, Facebook, Wells Fargo and Shutterfly, and hundreds of other supporters and advocates of art education, at this one of a kind event. You can get tickets here while they last.

The Chinese artist Ai Weiwei (who is currently showing a powerful installation of his work on Alcatraz) says that “creativity is part of human nature, it can only be untaught.”  With your help, we’ll keep art in the schools and keep creativity alive in our children.