Thank you, Jeffrey

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Dear Friends of Art in Action,

On behalf of the Board and all those affiliated with Art in Action, I want to extend a sincere and rousing “Thank you!” to Jeffrey Dollinger, our wonderful Executive Director who will be leaving Art in Action in June as he and his family follow a new opportunity.

Jeffrey has provided Art in Action with visionary leadership during his three and-a-half year tenure.  Under his guidance, Art in Action has gained a much more visible profile and is considered a leader in arts education throughout California. Jeffrey’s recent presentations at the Create CA Summit on Arts, Education and the Economy, the National  Art Educators Association Conference, and the California PTA Convention  have all helped spread the word about Art in Action and its positive impact upon students.  Jeffrey has been a highly effective spokesperson and ambassador and the Board deeply appreciates all he has done to raise the profile of Art in Action.

Jeffrey has also brought to his role a deep commitment and dedicated effort to making a reality of Art in Action’s vision: Every student deserves art.  Thanks to the efforts of Jeffrey and the staff, the number of grants and sponsorships supporting art programs has tripled leading to dozens of Title 1 schools and thousands of students getting access to art education. This belief in the transformative power of art and his tenacity in securing additional funding has been a hallmark of Jeffrey’s leadership.

In response to feedback from teachers, parents and students, under Jeffrey’s leadership the Art in Action team began to develop new lessons that would expand Art in Action’s portfolio to reflect a greater diversity of artists. Students will soon have the chance to experience the art of an eclectic range of artists and projects, including the sculpture of Ruth Asawa, and the street art of OSGEMEOS from Brazil, and the math and science behind spirals in art and nature. .

Jeffrey also was a major force in  launching an impact evaluation study of Art in Action.  He worked closely with the Gardner Center  at Stanford to design a study that would evaluate the impact of Art in Action on students, schools and communities.   

The Board extends its profound gratitude to Jeffrey for all he has accomplished during his time at Art in Action.  We wish him the very best as he moves on to other endeavors.  He has certainly left his mark on Art in Action!  We will miss him.

On behalf of the Board,

Shannon Thompson

Chair, Art in Action Board of Directors