Art in Action partners with Stanford’s Gardner Center

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At the recent Art in Action benefit Object:Art, 8th grade student Laurel Bolts introduced our Art Visionary Award recipient, Google Doodle founder Dennis Hwang. Laurel, who has had Art in Action since Kindergarten, had this to say about art:

What does art and the art in Action program mean to me? Because of Art in Action I know what art means to me, it’s a way to express yourself.  It teaches all students a little more about what life was like back [in history] through paintings. I’ve grown to love art and recently I used my Art in Action skills to win a prize in the 2015 Martin Luther King Art Contest in San Mateo County.”

Laurel’s story is one we hear over and over from students like her, their parents and teachers and entire school communities. As we grow, however, we find that even with these anecdotes, there are questions we still want to answer:  “How does the Art in Action program impact students beyond the lesson?”  “How do we create a culture of art in schools?”  “How can we help schools sustain the program over time?”

Through the generosity of Art in Action Board Member Anne Dauer and other donors,  Art in Action has engaged  The John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities at Stanford University to help answer these questions and many more.  The Gardner Center team will conduct research at a variety of Art in Action schools, both regionally and nationally, through program observation and interviews with school administrators, parents, teachers and students. They’ll produce findings that will help us become a national model of arts education.

Art inspired Laurel. We know it can inspire thousands of students just like her. This exciting partnership is an important step in bringing it to them.

To read the full Press Release, click here.