Spotlight School: Our Lady of Angels

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Our spotlight school this month is Our Lady of Angels (OLA) in Burlingame, CA. They have been teaching our program, school-wide K-8, since 2011. Kudos to their art teacher and teaching artist Sue Friedland and her team that has made the program a huge success and left a lasting impact on their students.

OLA 7th-graders shared their thoughts about the program and their art experiences:

“Art is calming and relaxing.” – Bradley
“ I’m in my own zone of happiness.” – Shannon
“My imagination turns on.” – Abi
“ Art is an outlet for me to help me not worry about other things like school.  It takes my mind off problems.” – Natalie
“I’m at peace when I am drawing.” -Rory
“Art in Action is a great way to teach about different artists, techniques, and history.” – Mrs. Ruane

One parent at OLA proclaimed, “This is my first year experiencing the Art in Action program and I am in awe of how these little kindergarten children really absorb all the information about the artist and the different techniques used within each art project. Watching the videos on each artist and then practicing in the sketchbooks provided the kids with enough background information to become familiar with what they were going to be doing in the actual art class. Our instructor, Ms. Friedland was amazing with the children…so patient and really allowed the children to express themselves and take ownership of their work. I love the program and hope it continues here at OLA!”