Art in Action Advocate Spotlight: Ruth Housenbold

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Ruth Housenbold served as a board member on the Strategic Program Advisory Committee but now continues to support Art in Action in the classroom as a docent and volunteer. We are so thankful for her continuous support and we appreciate everything she has done for Art in Action!


1) How did you get involved with Art in Action and how have you remained involved over the years?

I was first introduced to Art in Action in 2007 when my oldest son was in 1st grade at Laurel School.  Judy Sluth’s grandson was in Noah’s class and I was a docent assistant for Judy and Denise Shackleton.  With Art in Action Noah LOVED art for the first time because he was actually learning from masters and creating on his own.  He called Art in Action “real art”.  I followed his classes as a docent through elementary school and then remained involved as a board member.  Since 2013, I have been teaching the now 7th graders at Holy Family School in Redwood City and will see them through their 8th-grade graduation.

2) Why do you think arts ed is important for kids?

It is important because it gives them permission to create and not be judged.  There are no right and wrong answers in art.  The work is amazing because they created it.  It trains kids to think on their own and develop their creativity, which can then be applied in all aspects of their lives.

3)  What do you think is the best way for people to get involved with Art in Action? 

I believe the best way to get involved is to first become a docent.  Experience the program first hand and see for yourself the joy it brings the kids.  It’s pretty doable as well, especially if you have a co-docent.  There are only 12 lessons per year.  If you really believe in the program and the mission, participating on the board is another great way to stay involved and help Art in Action grow nationwide.  The reason to stay is the education that the kids are getting.  It is making a huge difference in their lives.

4) Why do you support (and/or are active in) Art in Action?  

I believe it is critical to elementary and middle school education.  Plus, I love the authentic joy it brings to the children.  Kids literally cheer on Art in Action days.


Art in Action has provided accessible arts education to 86,000 students in over 30 states nationwide and we’re still expanding. However, there are 4 million kids without accessible visual art lessons. Join us in our mission to bring arts education worldwide!

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