Spotlight on AiA Scholarship School  |  Bozeman Online Charter

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This month we’re thrilled to highlight one of our scholarship school recipients, Bozeman Online Charter School. Their elementary teacher, Ally Pitts, shares the impact art has on her students.

I was first introduced to Art in Action through a student who had been lucky enough to participate in a California school and I am SO glad that he told me about it. This program is absolutely amazing.


Many Montana schools do not have art teachers so, as a classroom teacher, Art in Action makes art meaningful and possible for our students. The content is enriching, engaging, informative, and content-based–often tying in seamlessly to our social studies, science, math, and language arts curriculum.


It has given my students, many of them from low-income demographics, a new love of art, art history, and artists. The staff is exceptional and always willing to help in any way they can–the website is user-friendly and perfect for overwhelmed and busy teachers.


Recently I helped to start a charter school that is a hybrid between in-person and remote. We have 100 students total in two classrooms and an extremely limited budget. We were without supplies (even paper) and had an extremely small staff who had little time to dedicate to art.


I knew our students would need an artistic outlet and I positively love Art in Action, so I reached out to them. We were generously awarded a scholarship, which allowed our students to access the incredible curriculum as well as supplies. They have embraced every art lesson and been so inspired by the art.


During these difficult times, I believe art is more important than ever for our students. They must be allowed to express themselves and Art in Action gives them the means and creativity to do just that.


In the past, I have put on an art show each year as a celebration of the student. Every child in my school has a piece of art on display in the show and it has been a hugely popular event that helps the community feel a part of our school. The art turns out beautifully and is extremely impressive. I can hardly wait for our spring show at our charter school and I am so excited for our community to come and experience the magic of this program.

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