Show me your Art Show!

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It’s that time of the year again! As another school year ends, teachers and volunteers around the country are finding creative ways to attach artwork to challenging surfaces. As renditions of Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Monet’s Water Lilies take their place in libraries and hallways, our schools are transformed beyond simply the source of report cards and assessments to the place where creativity and uniqueness are celebrated.



The rush of children scrambling to present their works of art to parents and teachers ignites the show with its warmth. “That one’s mine!” can be heard echoing all around as pride and feelings of accomplishment fill the students.

Art Shows have a magical way of reinforcing a sense of accomplishment. “I like art because there are no mistakes.” Is a phrase we hear from students quite often. Art is a lens into the artist’s perspective – it is a form of self expression. There is great potential for affirmation and validation when a student sees their artwork – their point of view – on display for classmates, teachers, and parents. We all want to be heard and it is wonderful to witness a parade of energized students experience the sensation of being heard and having their craftsmanship appreciated.



So to all of you out there who dedicate time to the Art Show, we see you and we very much appreciate your dedication and craftsmanship. Check out some of photos from the Art Show’s we’ve been fortunate enough to visit and gain some inspiration for next year!