Mini Art Lesson: Inspired by Faith Ringgold’s Tar Beach

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This MLK Jr. holiday, we celebrate King’s unbounded spirit of dreaming and the belief that ‘anyone can fly’ with a fun art project based on American artist and author Faith Ringgold’s Tar Beach.

Tar Beach is a story of 8-year old Cassie Lightfoot, who flies through the sky on a summer night in 1939 Harlem and dreams of a life of possibilities beyond her surroundings.

Use this lesson with your children to celebrate storytelling through art. Talk with them about how artists use art to tell us stories about the world they live in. Through art we can smell the sweet green grass, feel the oncoming storm from a graying sky or taste the cold of an ice cream sundae.

As you talk about Tar Beach and Cassie’s story, ask your children what stories they might want to tell to get them ready for this fun lesson.

Download this free Ringgold mini art lesson.

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