Free Mini Art Lesson for Children: “Bouquet of Peace” by Pablo Picasso

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Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in Spain in 1881. Picasso’s father was an art teacher who encouraged his son to paint and draw. As a child, Picasso painted with extraordinary realism and talent. As an adult, he chose to use his talent to invent new abstract styles.

Picasso is best known for the work he did in a style he developed called Cubism. Cubism is an abstract way of painting that breaks up forms, sometimes into little cubes, but often just into simple shapes. Using simple shapes helps focus on the meaning of the picture.

Picasso’s enormous talent, imagination, and originality add up to an artistic temperament that can be called genius. Picasso’s influence on modern art has been immeasurable.

Download this free Picasso mini art lesson.

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