5 Art Fundraising Ideas

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5 Art Fundraising Ideas Art in Action


Fundraising is a great way to help support your school’s art program. Listed here are 5 art fundraising ideas that offer excellent opportunities for parents to become involved and raise funds!

DonorsChoose and Art Room Aid connect teachers with willing donors. To boost your chances of being funded, choose materials that total between $100 and $400. The lower the project cost, the greater chance it will be funded.


One school raised over $33,000 with this fundraising idea for their general fund! This is how they did it: 300 students walked laps and earned money for each completed lap. Family and friends pledged a specified dollar amount per lap completed, or donated a lump sum. In one afternoon, the entire school walked laps. Tallied pledge sheets went home in an envelope, and kids brought in the money by the end of the week. From start to finish it took about one month of planning and execution.

Open or Silent Auction

“Fund a need” raises money for large budget items such as a kiln or additional programs by involving the school community. Donations can be made at multiple dollar levels. Parents bid on original artwork donated by student artists or framed artwork created by one classroom. Suggested items include tablecloths, quilts, and place settings with designs inspired by Art in Action lessons.

Clay Project Event

Organize a clay project event at a local ceramics studio/store, and sell tickets for parents or children to participate in the event. Ticket-holders become eligible to complete a clay project, with all proceeds above the studio’s cost benefitting your school.

Student Artwork

Student artwork can be a visually compelling, integral factor in successful fundraisers. Items showcasing reproductions of student artwork can be sold at school functions and event. Companies such as Shutterfly can reproduce the student artwork into cards, mugs, notepads and other unique gift items.

Art in Action is a national nonprofit that creates comprehensive, easy-to-teach visual arts curriculum for children in kindergarten through 8th grade. Art in Action has proudly served over a half million students since 1982 in schools and after-school programs. Through our culturally diverse and engaging lessons, we help build creativity and critical thinking skills for all our students. Want to bring art into the lives of your students? Contact us to learn more about Art in Action.

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