A little rain didn’t dampen your generosity… thank you so much for your support!

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“Outdoor” Social & Art Auction Fundraiser was a splash!

On Wednesday, October 20th, OBJECT:ART 2021 was in full swing at the beautiful Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park. The outdoor cocktail social and art auction had to be safely brought indoors due to a splash of rain and drizzle; nonetheless, Art in Action supporters joined us for a lively evening!

Guests enjoyed live music provided by Vivi Bossa, bid on incredible artwork donated by local artists, and Keith McLane, the evening’s auctioneer ignited the energetic crowd to raise hands and help fund Art in Action’s program development and increase our ability to bring Art in Action programs to under-resourced schools.

Your pledges of support, both in person and virtually, give us the lift to continue to bring the joy of art to children. We are also grateful to our financial sponsors, artist donors, in-kind donors, and volunteers for supporting this event. Thank you!

It’s not too late to “raise your hand” and support OBJECT:ART 2021.

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