Nurturing Self-Discovery Alongside Creative Art

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Typical parents do not think about supporting their child’s need for exploration. While some parents actively engage and develop their child’s individuality; often times, parents dismiss and discourage their child’s strengths and weaknesses without giving thought about how it affects their child.

Today it seems that parents are shaping their children into who they want them to be rather than allowing self-discovery and the search for self. By helping children recognize their individual strengths and qualities, we encourage them to discover themselves and the world around them. Through passionately supporting our children, we reinforce their sense of self-appreciation, boosting their learning potential.
Starting the Journey With Art
Art is often used as a platform for fostering creativity and inspiring expression. Many pediatricians recommend having toddlers create art. It might seem strange to us, but toddlers are not focused on creating a finished product or self-conscious about what they’re doing. They are interested in having fun and learning new things.

Creating art may boost young children’s ability to analyze and problem solve in a myriad of ways: manipulating tools to improve fine motor skills; counting shapes and colors to learn math; or experimenting with materials to study science. Most importantly, however, children who are able to explore and make mistakes are more likely to invent new ways of thinking or create innovative methods to solve problems — skills that extend far beyond the boundaries of art.

The Importance of Self-Discovery in Children

  • become successful in group situations, such as school
  • be able to concentrate and learn
  • have an easier time communicating their emotions
  • establish self-esteem and self-confidence
  • develop strong, healthy relationships

Inspired by Henri Matisse

Self-Discovery is a Process
Art therapy helps children interpret and understand who they are as an individual in a world full of individuals. Through the process of art therapy, children use art as a device to recognise their past, present, and future and embrace the journey life has taken them on to become who they are today. Art therapy allows for the exploration of the self and for the discovery of the individual — an authentic representation of oneself.

Although there are many ways to spark self-discovery, art is quick and simple way to start. Children need our support to begin their search for understanding. Without the proper resources to inspire creativity, our children cannot successfully thrive in a demanding 21st-century environment. Henri Matisse simply states,

“Creativity takes courage.”

Children are subject to an unfathomable amount of psychological distress every day. As adults, it is our responsibility to encourage their search for understanding.

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