Meet Art in Action’s Amazing Interns

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We are fortunate to have four talented college student interns this summer, helping us advance our mission in a variety of ways.  So far this has included curriculum development, program enhancements, marketing and fundraising research and video production.  For a peek at the latter, check out the clips at the end of this post.  Here are a few facts about our interns in their words:


Chanelle D’Andria

What is your background? Tell us a few things about yourself.
I graduated from the Anthropology program at San Francisco State University last Fall. I’m a San Francisco native and love playing tourist in my own city. Exploring places like Golden Gate Park and The Presidio always leads to an awesome adventure.

ChanelleD'AndriaWhat brought you to Art in Action?
Its mission, to make the skills and joys of art accessible to kids everywhere. I believe Art in Action provides a uniquely creative solution to integrating arts education. Contributing to their comprehensive program makes a meaningful difference in the lives of children and others.

What is your favorite work of art?
Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night. This painting captures his individual perspective in such a beautiful and timeless way. I love how it composes of many short brush strokes which collectively, create the illusion of movement.

Celia Schaefer

What is your background? Tell us a few things about yourself.
My interests in art, tea, and the outdoors began while growing up in Portland, Oregon and have followed me to the Bay Area where I attend Santa Clara University. In June 2016 I will receive degrees in Art History and Studio Art–two subjects that have helped me with my internship here! Besides art, tea, and the outdoors, I practice yoga and am an avid pickle eater!

 CeliaSchaeferWhat brought you to Art in Action?
I decided to join Art in Action to gain experience working in a non profit and explore my interests   within the art world. With my passion for art and my  adventurous attitude, interning at Art in Action is a great opportunity that  provides  creative stimulation and new experiences in an ever-changing environment.

 What is your favorite work of art?

One of my favorite pieces of art is Picasso’s Guernica. While I have not been lucky enough to see it in person, I was able to see preliminary sketches and ideas at a museum in Florence, Italy this fall. After seeing these sketches, I fell in love with the piece because of the detail, symbolism, and creativity Picasso used to convey the heartache of the war.

Tiffany Cao
What is your background? Tell us a few things about yourself.
I’m from Fresno, CA (raisin capital of the USA!) and a senior at Stanford University majoring in International Relations. My academic interests lie in international education, particularly literacy outcomes in the poorest performing countries. On the side, I enjoy playing piano, singing and teaching piano to young kids. My background is heavily musical – I sang in choirs, I learned cello junior year of high school, and I’ve played piano since I was four.

What brought you to Art in Action?
There’s a cathartic, inexplicable experience to the arts, not necessarily specific to music, that has sustained me through difficult and stressful times, so I really believe in Art in Action’s mission to spread arts education in an American school environment not conducive to the arts anymore. I’m really looking forward to this summer at Art in Action!

What is your favorite work of art?
My favorite work of art is The Swing by Jean Honoré Fragonard – I adore the color palette of the rococo period and am a complete Francophile, especially when it comes to food.

Hannah Baker

What is your background? Tell us a few things about yourself.
I am going into my senior year at Santa Clara University as an Art History and
Psychology double major. I am originally from the beautiful state of Oregon and
thus I have a passion for outdoor activities, such as running and hiking. I spend my
down time reading, embroidering, and playing cards with friends.

HannahBaker What brought you to Art in Action?
Working at kids’ camps from my sophomore year of high school on helped  to cultivate a passion for children’s education within me. Working for Art in  Action  is allowing me to explore a new and wonderful approach to art education,  based  in  art curriculum development.

What is your favorite work of art?

Piet Mondrian’s Composition 10 Pier and Ocean. It was love at first sight. I
wrote my first intense research paper on it because I had to know more about
his theories and works. The work exemplifies a shift in his style that eventually led
to the primary colors and black lines many viewers are familiar with.