Make Art in Education Month Every Month

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Here are some great ways to celebrate Art in Education Month at your school and make art in education month every month.

  • Make art central to projects in science, math, language arts to enhance understanding. Art is visual, tactical, experiential, fun — and memorable.
  • Invite your principal, PTO, and other supporters to take part in Art in Action lessons. Build community-wide support for an arts culture now to ensure the arts remain in the future.
  • Encourage short mental breaks with doodling and unleash the power of connections.
  • Observe and discuss art in the everyday: the design of the iPhone, Minecraft block creations, spirals in nature, hidden messages in graffiti.
  • Proudly display students’ artworks in classrooms, homes, and your local community. Instantly brighten spaces, moods, conversations, and confidence.

Have others?  Let us know in the comments below…