Judy Sleeth Scholarship Recipients Announced

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Thanks to our founder, Judy Sleeth, and our generous donors, this year’s Scholarship Fund will make a difference in the lives of over 400 children and teens at six under-resourced schools throughout the country beginning this month. With their help, we raised $22,000 to provide these students with the arts education they deserve.

We’re grateful to Judy and her devoted selection committee who carefully reviewed the 35 powerful and compelling applications received. After contacting each school and considering a number of important factors to the success of the program, we are pleased to announce the committee chose these six under-resourced schools as recipients of this year’s scholarship funds:

Falkner Elementary, Falkner, MS – This school is in a very rural low-income area with limited support for art but a principal who is a big arts advocate.
Agassiz Elementary, Chicago, IL – This performing arts school believes in the importance of arts education and would like to include the visual arts for their students.
Walter Reed School, Maspeth, NY – This special education school wants to provide a way for their students to be creative.
St. George Elementary, St. George, KS – This school is dedicated to bringing their students an arts program and looks forward to demonstrating the value through an art show.
D.D. Hachar Elementary, Laredo, TX – This school has a strong passion for art and the value it brings to students and will start with Kindergarten to build a strong foundation.
Archon Academy, Bartlett, TN – This behavioral facility for severely underprivileged teens wants to give their residents a creative outlet to express themselves and heal emotionally.

To ensure the successful implementation and sustainability of the program, we will work very closely with the schools. The scholarship includes all art materials needed, access to online teacher training and lessons, and ongoing support year-round.

We are excited to welcome these schools to the Art in Action family! We look forward to sharing their students’ progress during the year.