Judy Sleeth Scholarship Fund


Thirty-five years ago, Judy Sleeth started the Art in Action program. And even after all those years, her passion about the importance of arts education for children has never wavered. Like many educators, she believes that arts education is fundamental to the development of creativity, critical thinking, self-expression, and cultural awareness. In honor of Judy and through the generosity of our donors, Art in Action established the Judy Sleeth Scholarship.

This year 565 low-income culturally diverse K-8 students in seven underserved schools are being inspired and prepared to become the next generation of artists… and innovators, scientists, engineers, visionaries, change makers, and design thinkers. And it is because of the impact and success of this initiative that we are excited announce the second annual Judy Sleeth Scholarship Fund Campaign.

Schools and after-school centers nationwide will have the opportunity to apply for the Art in Action program for free for the 2018-19 school year by demonstrating their passion and need for an arts program. The more donations we receive to the Fund, the more students we’ll be able to impact. Although we were pleased to be able to reach seven new schools this year, our list of schools and after-school centers with need continues to grow.

We hope you will invest in the vision that originated 35 years ago in just one classroom… that all children have the arts education they deserve.




Application Process: