It only takes one passionate parent…

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like Alisa Voris to bring Art in Action to schools in a new state. Here’s how Alisa tells her success story:

“When we lived in Menlo Park my two boys attended Laurel School (one of the original Art in Action schools). They used to bring so much artwork home I had a hard time keeping it all.  But when we moved to Bozeman, MT I was surprised that I wasn’t inundated with artwork. (So) I decided I would try to bring Art In Action to as many Bozeman schools as I could.

I started my mission with Hyalite elementary where my fifth-grader attends. After many meetings I presented the idea to the Board for our Parent Advisory Council. Now, 78 fifth-grade students will benefit from this art enrichment activity.

In July I met with Montana State University President Waded Cruzado. She suggested I  incorporate MSU into my efforts to bring more art to Bozeman schools. (Soon) MSU and Bozeman public schools will work hand-in-hand creating art and stimulating the core curriculum. My hope is that every Bozeman Public School will adopt Art In Action into their curriculum.”


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