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What impact could art possibly have in the hands of young people? A gargantuan impact! The exploration and expression of feelings, shapes, and environment are powerful tools for learning. Youth Art Month began in 1961 to highlight the importance of visual arts in education, and every March since then people are reminded of the beauty and color that surrounds them when art is given a space in the classroom. Art in Action empowers students through arts education by creating flexible visual arts programs for Kindergarten through 8th grade classrooms. This year, the theme of Youth Art Month is “Building Community Through Art,” an outcome that Art in Action witnesses time and again with the school communities they work with. When art is created, displayed, and celebrated it builds bonds between students, teachers, parents, and principals in exciting and encouraging ways. Art is a great equalizer, bringing us together through a language we all speak. Youth Art Month reminds us of the beauty already at play in schools, however, it is also a reminder of the six million students nationwide with no access to any form of art in school. Organization’s like Art in Action are working to make visual arts a reality for more students everyday.

Luckily, when it comes to art, creative possibilities for participation are boundless. Regardless of your age or artistic ability, there are ways for you to engage with and support arts in schools. We can’t think of a better time than Youth Art Month to tap into your creative side and make an impact. Explore how your state is observing this month and join on in! Create your own Youth Art Month flag with your class, family, friends and more that’s representative of your community or group. Volunteer with organizations getting art into schools. Art in Action has opportunities for parents to volunteer in the classroom and even advocate to launch visual arts programs at their children’s school. For those interested in learning how this process works, you are encouraged to contact Art in Action at

What’s more, you can become an Arts Advocate through FUNdraising! Check out some of the ways you can impACT ART now!

birthday pART

Bring your friends together to celebrate your birthday with some ART! Make some festive paintings! Or collaborative murals! Instead of gifts, encourage your friends to donate to Art in Action in your name and bring the gift of art to kids. Make it really festive and encourage guests to show up dressed as their favorite iconic artist. You know it’s a party when Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso show up!

  • Donate your Birthday” on Facebook to encourage your connections to participate in the celebration! Remember to post pictures of the fun and your creations. Use hashtags like #MyArtinAction #YouthArtMonth #impactART
  • Want inspiration around the perfect birthday art projects? Check out this list of free lessons.

hART Show

Be apART of the change you want to see and become a philanthropic artist for a month! Have friends and family commission art pieces from you for the recommended donation price of $30 each. Encourage the commissioned pieces to be unique and fun. See this video of a Pizza Cat.

  • The final pot of money raised will go to Art in Action and you can showcase your works of art at the end of the month in your own hART Show.
  • Inquire with a community center or public school to see if they will donate space for you to show off your work. Then, register your event online for free to encourage wider participation and awareness for Art in Action!

Check out these 100 unique fundraising ideas to find more inspiration. Remember, it’s not just about the funds raised, but you being an advocate for the greater cause and spreading awareness to your wider network we otherwise may have not reached without your help.

Let’s allow Youth Art Month to remind us how we can “Build Community Through Art.” You have the tools you need to impACT ART in your own community. Thanks to your support we will be able to continue to empower students through art.