Happy National Arts in Education Week!

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This is the perfect week to celebrate what we at Art in Action are most passionate about: ARTS EDUCATION! Of course as an organization that believes that every child deserves art, we could go on and on about how the arts are an essential element of education. However, we think that the comments from some of our Art in Action parents below speak volumes.


“Its for the whole child. They need their math and they need their writing and they need their reading, but art is how they express who they are. They get taught a technique and then they get to show you who they are. They use those things they are learning in math and in reading and in science in their art work. It becomes a creative aspect of those subjects, and there’s a connection.” – Sheila Higgins Druskin, North Hillsborough School


“When teaching, sometimes kids are so frustrated because they feel like it (their artwork) needs to be a certain way, and we show them there are no mistakes in art. We talk a lot about no mistakes. I think that’s important because I think that just continues on throughout life. There are no mistakes, just opportunities. It is a great life lesson that can be taught through art.” – Tina McCutcheon, North Hillsborough School


“Art education gives children another way to express themselves in a way that is not graded and won’t be corrected by someone else. There are no wrong answers, and this is very liberating for kids. Art not only teaches creative expression but also problem solving, perseverance, and collaboration; that all comes into play.”– Nancy Masucci, Alisal Elementary School


“To get a full education you’ve got to stimulate all parts of the brain, and art is a major part of that. I love this program because it’s putting a face to art. Each lesson is based around an artist, so these kids get to see that its human, and its people. This helps teach kids about bigger topics like empathy and understanding.” -Cheryl Glaiser, previously at St. Catherine of Sienna; currently an Art in Action volunteer


Visual arts must play a major role in the education of a child. From teaching the four C’s of 21st century learning- creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills- to teaching lifelong lessons such as empathy, acceptance, and perseverance, the impact of an arts education extends far beyond the classroom. Explore how you can help make a difference

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