At Home Project Videos

Have fun with these art project and technique videos created by the Art in Action community!

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Paper Roll Animals by Makena
Use a toilet paper tube, found scraps, and paint to create adorable little animals.
Under-the-Sea Aquarium by Makena
Use an egg carton, scrap paper, paint, and glue to create a magical under-the-sea aquarium.
Music Shaker by Martina
Use a toilet paper tube and small bits (dried beans, rice, or pebbles) to create a festive music shaker (not advisable for young children).
Lunch Bag Star by Victoria
Use small paper bag and scissors to create a celestial star to hang up.
Paper Towel Rainbow by Victoria
Use a paper towel, colored markers, and some water to create a vivid rainbow.
Origiami Star by Carter
Use square paper to fold a four-point star.
Sun Catcher by Victoria
Use clear plastic, black permanent marker, and color permanent marker or paint to create art for your window.
Salt Painting by Carter
Use salt, glue, and paint to create a texture painting of your own design.
Acrylic Pour by Victoria
Use acrylic paint to create a marbled paper that can be used for cards or other paper art projects.
Cherry Blossom Watercolor by Brendon
Use watercolors and crayons to create bold and candid images of nature and your environment.
Marbled Egg by Victoria
Use white eggs, shaving cream and food coloring to create  colorful marbled eggs.
Calming Bottle by Victoria
Reuse a plastic bottle, oil, and found objects to create a bottle that is relaxing to watch as you tip it back and forth.
Collaborative Chimera by Jana
Use paper and pencil to create an imaginative chimera with a friend or family member.
Friendship Bracelet by Victoria
Use colorful embroidery thread or yarn to knot-tie a bracelet that you can non-contact give to a friend or family member.
Spring Chicken by Ally
Use an egg carton, bits of paper and non-toxic paint to create fun individual chicks.
Sock Puppet by Megan
Use spare socks and fun found objects around your living space to create multiple characters for your own puppet show.
Marble Art by Ruby
Use non-toxic paint and marbles to create vibrant and kinetic works of art.

Salt Dough by Kelly
Use salt dough to channel some creativity into a 3-dimensional sculpture. Once dough piece is finished, baking the dough in the oven to harden it is required, adult supervision advised.

Hot Rocks by Victoria
Use unused or excess crayons to create a marble-effect and one of a kind artwork on large stones. This project involves heating up a rock, adult supervision advised.

Paper Flowers by Victoria
Three different techniques for making beautiful three-dimensional paper flowers to attach to pipe cleaners (bouquet), string (garland), cards, or whatever you can imagine!