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Last school year, Art in Action brought our programs to over 75,000 students. The lessons helped students transition back to in-school learning and process the stress brought on by the pandemic.

However educators reported that students are still exhibiting the effects of distance learning. Younger students’ motor and social-emotional skills regressed or are delayed. Older students are grappling with mental wellness, and teachers are reporting higher stress levels and leaving the profession entirely due to burnout.

When hearing about these challenges, we asked ourselves, “What can we do to boost wellness in classrooms and get back on track to reach developmental and educational benchmarks?”

Our response: Get Art in Action Programs into the hands of 90,000 kids this year.

Last school year, Lizbeth Barrera co-taught at a South San Jose Title 1 bilingual elementary school where Art in Action lessons were integrated into the school day. Lizbeth stated, “The students were always excited when it was Art in Action day. There was no wrong or right way to make art pieces, and even those students who struggled academically or behaviorally looked forward to the Art in Action lessons and seeing their finished work on the walls.”

In August 2022, the start of this school year, Lizbeth was hired as a Dual-Immersion Bilingual teacher with her own classroom of 24 first grade students at Los Robles-Ronald McNair Academy in East Palo Alto. Lizbeth reached out to us, “Our school doesn’t have Art in Action, but I knew this program would positively impact my students and their educational foundation. ALL children should have the opportunity to practice art and be creative weekly. I am grateful that I will be able to bring art into my classroom and give my kids this moment of excitement and accomplishment!”

Recent medical blogs and scientific reports describe the benefits from participating in, exploring, and enjoying the arts. Children with access to a quality visual arts education program will develop stronger motor, language, and social skills and confidence in decision-making, risk-taking, and inventiveness to solve problems.

Art in Action’s programs can support students’ wellness and help them thrive, but we need your help to get the program to more schools and youth programs. Please continue your support and donate today to help us achieve our goal of serving 90,000+ children.

With gratitude and appreciation, the Art in Action Team.