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Did you know that you can make ORANGE by mixing ketchup and mustard?

Mary Birchler’s St. Peter and Paul School 1st graders do. “It was BRILLIANT! We did a lesson on how to make secondary colors from primary colors, and on Monday, one of my kids told me proudly that he ‘created’ orange sauce at the restaurant.” After teaching 8 years of Art in Action to K-5 children, Mary is eager to share stories of how art and AIA lessons impact her students. “I see how art and the lessons impact the kids every day. The process of creating art gives them the freedom to discover who they are, understand their feelings, and make sense of their world!” Mary exclaims. “Art is a core subject. It encourages one to be observant, curious, and builds self-esteem. It is essential.”

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This year, Art in Action served 85,000 students nationwide in 500 schools and afterschool programs, of which 51% are considered under-resourced schools. We are proud of this achievement but see obstacles ahead.

Teaching art in the future requires flexibility and innovation. To address the reality of a modified school day, Art in Action will be adapting lessons to be effectively taught online as well as being structured for students who may not have access to online learning. We are determined to continue offering art education lessons that inspire creativity and transformation, but we need your support.

Please consider making a gift today of any amount. Your donation will ensure an art curriculum that bridges the equity gap, empowers students to develop resilience, and boosts self-confidence.

INSPIRE the next 1st grader to make ORANGE SAUCE!

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