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School this year has been anything but normal for students. Daily routines have been disrupted and unpredictable. Our children may be taking online classes, often alone in their rooms, and face-to-face interactions with friends and teachers now must be at a distance or muffled by a mask. The actual school routines, which are crucial in helping young people develop positive social-emotional skills, have been irrevocably changed.

Studies have found that creating art reduces anxiety, depression, and stress. In recent articles posted by Californians for the Arts, arts agencies were named “second responders” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a second responder, Art in Action has doubled down on delivering programming to sustain and boost students’ mental wellness. Our response to this “new reality” has been the adaptation in the delivery of visual arts education and its support of schools, teachers, and students. Our newest program, Art in Action Studio Series, is a multi-grade, flexible art program designed for in-person or virtual use with easy-to-follow teaching videos for students. The lessons enhance core curricula teaching; and offer a space for creating calmness, allowing self-expression, and providing normalcy during an unsettling time in childrens’ lives.

Art in Action is keenly aware that we must reimagine how we accomplish our mission to provide an arts education to all children and to remain relevant to the youth we serve. With this in mind, we are working to develop, adapt, and innovate art lessons that can be used explicitly as tools in healing and mental resilience. We have the vision, plan, and commitment to launch these transformational lessons, but the current unsettled state of the schools across the nation has directly impacted our survival. We need YOU, our partner, ally, and advocate, to help us make the vision happen.

Please consider making a gift TODAY to ensure that we can continue, and that children have Art in Action lessons to help them build their “toolbox” to process chaotic times now and in the future.

Thank you for being an ally and an advocate for Art in Action and those we serve.

A friendly reminder: The 2020 CARES Act allows individual taxpayers, taking the standard deduction (non-itemizing), an “above the line” charitable income tax deduction up to $300. Please consult your tax advisor with any questions; this is not tax advice.