Corporate Team Events with an Artistic Twist

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Art in Action hosts training sessions every year for educators. The best way to learn is by doing and so when educators gather in the Art in Action warehouse they not only learn about art – they make art. The chatter, creativity, and laughter that results transforms each group of strangers into a room full of creators. Art in Action leverages the transformative power of art for team building. Our hypothesis that art brings teams together in a playful and uplifting way (even for adults) proved true. Art in Action’s Corporate Team Building Event offerings include our Build Studio and our Art Studio. Both are easily customized to fit the needs of our corporate partners. Teams have loved coming together in an engaging way while doing good by supporting arts education.

Build Studio

Corporate teams work together to pack art supplies for schools. Through volunteer packing, we keep costs of art supplies affordable for our schools and after school programs. Each box we ship includes a card with the logo of the company whose employees packed the box and a message or drawing by someone who helped pack it. The feedback we receive from our classrooms is incredibly positive. Teachers love sharing these messages with their students and report back about how much it means to their students to see the community’s support.


Art Studio

Corporate teams test Art in Action’s newest curriculum piece that promotes environmental sustainability. The Environmental Art Totem is constructed from plastic objects and is inspired by the work of John Dahlsen’s Environmental Art. Volunteers build their own totem from common plastic objects like water bottles and then attach them to the main Environmental Art Totemic Sculpture. The final outcome is a beautiful display piece that can be housed as an instillation at your office, or placed on display at Art in Action.


Your Next Team Building Event

The Build Studio and Art Studio are fun team building event options for driving team engagement with the added bonus of supporting arts education with Art in Action. We’ve customized these events as drop-ins, rotations, take your kid to work days, and more. Learn more here and reach out to if you are interested. In the meantime, check out the amazing photo gallery below.