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Press Releases
Connection, Community, and Hope

June 10-13, 2021 Bradford Pump Station, 751 Bradford Street (Main Street), Redwood City, CA

The Concept
When the Bay Area was told to shelter in place at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone thought it would be for a few weeks. As the weeks turned into months, a new “normal” emerged, disruptive and unprecedented, especially to children and their emotional wellness. Realizing that this epidemic would be over at some point and wanting to help alleviate stress levels that students were reporting, Art in Action decided to create an art project that would allow children to IMAGINE their future after COVID. The objective was to give children an outlet to articulate, through art, their hopes and dreams for themselves and their community. Thus the community mural concept was launched.
The Vision
Working with 4th-grade students from Adelante-Selby Spanish Immersion School in Redwood City, Art in Action, and Lisa Miller, a local muralist, will create a mural designed to inspire hope to celebrate their aspirations for themselves and their community. The creation of the “Connection, Community, and Hope” mural is scheduled to occur on June 10 – 13, 2021, on the Redwood City Pumping Station House on Bradford Street in downtown Redwood City. This hands-on production of the mural will be a community activity and will be taking place, in person, under strict COVID guidelines. We hope this will be a celebration not only for the participating students but for the entire community.
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Are you interested in being a part of this fantastic aspirational project? Here are ways you can join and support Art in Action and the 4th-grade students from Adelante-Selby Spanish Immersion School.