Art sparks a sense of wonder in growing minds ✨

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A Message from our Executive Director:

Growing up in California’s Central Valley, neither of the two elementary schools in my small, rural town offered an arts education program like Art in Action.  In school, I recall art being one of the two “free time” choices – art or reading – a self-guided, quiet activity to fill the time after you have completed your in-class work while your classmates finished their assignments.  I always chose reading. Reading offered me the ability to learn about the world beyond my tiny hometown. I was introduced to cultures that were foreign to me, and the stories made me wonder about life as a kid in another country.  Little did I know that learning about art could spark the same wonderment about different cultures.

Participation in the arts helps children to develop self-awareness and interpersonal skills by exposing them to different cultures and experiences beyond their own family or community. This encourages children to gain a different perspective, fostering empathy and understanding.  Cultural awareness, cultural appreciation, and empathy are predominant themes in Art in Action’s new “Art in Cultural Understanding” lesson line.  I am excited to share more about these lessons as we launch them in 2020. Now, I invite you to read an article written by former Art in Action intern and Peace Corps volunteer, Hannah Baker, as she speaks about the creation of our newest lesson: