Art in Action Scholarship School Highlight: D.D. Hachar Elementary

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Demetrio D. Hachar Elementary is in Laredo, Texas with a population of around 520 students. D.D. Hachar has a student body consisting of over 90% economically disadvantaged and about 65% English language learners.

One of D.D. Hachar’s Instructional Specialists with 25 years of experience, Cordelia Salinas, notes that these challenges are not reflected in their student’s high academic success and achievements. She shares, “our students and teachers are highly motivated and we love to challenge them academically, mentally, and creatively. We are family and we care deeply about providing every opportunity for growth and success for our students, teachers and staff.” Here at Art in Action, we are thrilled to be able to contribute to the academic pursuits of these learners in such a tangible way.

In regards to the importance of an art education, Cordelia firmly believes that “art is an excellent way to stimulate the mind through creativity and we believe that students need to be provided opportunities to be exposed to art and to learn more about the artists of the past and present.” We could not agree more.

Evelyn Camero, who has been teaching at D.D. Hachar for the past year, adds, “I think it’s crucial for students to receive an art education because it’s a way for them to explore their talents. Nowadays, artistic students are also considered to be gifted and there is no other way of knowing their capabilities if we don’t expose them.” Our team is honored to not only be able to give students the means to express their creativity, but also foster a space to recognize their talents. 

Lauraine Laurel, who has taught at D.D. Hachar for 16 years, shares how our scholarship has been able to bring their school community closer together through parent involvement. She said, “these activities have really provided a forum for parents to be involved in the classroom. Many parents have great artistic abilities and have been a great asset during these lessons. Students look forward to these lessons and having other adults help out in the classroom during these lessons.”

We look forward to continuing our partnership with D.D. Hachar and seeing their students’ many future achievements!

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