Art Can Be Seen Everywhere

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Many of us think of art as paintings hanging in a museum or a creative elective taken for fun in high school. However, art has an influence on our everyday lives. Having an appreciation and an eye for art can significantly benefit someone’s personal life and career. This does not mean that you have to necessarily be the next Van Gogh. However, understanding the impact art has on the world can provide a unique perspective on someone’s life. 


Art is timeless.  People have been using art for centuries to voice their opinions on politics, religion, and humanity. Art from the past and created today  reflects the culture and context in which it was created. It  evokes emotions, whether good or bad,  that  can  help us sympathize with or understand  people from hundreds of thousands of years ago.  Art can also help us understand ourselves and our emotions.  Being aware of art that surrounds us  keeps our communities and the larger society vital and strong.  


Whether you believe you are artistic or not, creating or understanding art can help propel you in whatever field you choose to work in. Understanding concepts of art develops crucial skills when it comes to thinking patterns. Art teaches someone how to “think outside the box”.  For example, in a corporate setting, having the ability to creatively see and solve a problem will allow someone to  stand out  in the workplace. Studies have shown that children who have an art education in school have developed strong critical thinking and problem-solving  skills.  Both  of these dynamic skills are looked for and can enhance any career path.  


Whether you are interested in exploring  art history or enhancing your career, everyone can agree that we deserve joy in our lives. Art can bring that to us. Having a creative outlet is one of the most overlooked aspects of living a joyful life. Whether or not you deem yourself artistic, expressing yourself creatively is found to be essential in living a balanced and healthy life. In the same way,  endorphins are released from completing a hard workout; similar psychology is involved in creating something. Whether this is drawing a portrait, discovering a new recipe, or just filling in a coloring book, being able to have a creative outlet in your day is a simple way to improve your mental well-being and quality of life.


So sprinkle moments of artistic expression to whatever you are doing and learn more how to ensure that everyone can reap the benefits of accessing the arts. 


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