And We’re Off Creating New Partnerships

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As part of our strategic plan, we’ve been sharing our knowledge and lessons while widening our circle of partners! This year seven of our presentations were accepted to prestigious conferences nationally.

We kicked off the year attending one of several conferences, the Hawaii International Education Conference on Arts and Humanities by leading with the “A” in STEAM. We were a big hit as we presented a workshop piloting new ART forward STEAM lessons to attendees and strengthened relationships with the Alaska Department of Education.

In February we replicated the workshop at Atlanta’s Beyond School Hours Conference, the nation’s premier conference for educators and leaders serving K-12 students in school, afterschool, and summertime. According to the Rhode Island School of Design, “The goal (of STEAM) is to foster the true innovation that comes with combining the mind of a scientist or technologist with that of an artist or designer.” As the movement continues to gain popularity, we will continue to develop and grow our curriculum to meet the needs of students and educators. Here we had over 80 attendees participate in two sections of our workshops.

In March NetSuite’s Social Impact Division hosted an annual hackathon, where teams of volunteer coders competed to create an implementable solution for nonprofit benefactors. Art in Action was one of two beneficiaries at this year’s Hackathon4Good and was selected after a rigorous and competitive process. Volunteers solved some of our inventory challenges for our new STEAM lessons, specifically, upcycled materials. Gary Wiessing, Senior VP of Product Management at NetSuite told his story about his connection to Art in Action. Gary’s kids went to a school that used our program and his wife was a docent volunteer and taught the program.  Nothing like first-hand experience to highlight our story.

As an outcome of our time spent with NetSuite and the Hackathon, Art in Action was interviewed for a GrowWire podcast and a Forbes article. Additionally, Enterprise Times wrote an article about how Art in Action was provided with new and innovative ideas to solve their many inventory challenges during the Hackathon4Good.

In April, we participated in the Chabot Space and Science Center’s TinkerFest. Our Yarn Bombed Wish Trees were a big hit with the kids and their families. This new lesson will be available soon as part of our Healing Through Art Initiative.