A Message from the Executive Director

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Art is a catalyst that connects us.  Art sparks conversations by revealing commonalities and differences in how we view our world.  

Throughout my first month with Art In Action, I have enjoyed conversations with people who shared their stories about how art has impacted their lives. A chemist, a bookstore owner, a wealth management banker, an IT specialist, an editorial writer, an at-home mom, a graphic designer, and a barista reflected on the significance of art during their childhood and its lasting impact into adulthood. Two people shared how art continues to influence their perspectives on current issues happening in our world today. One noted that art provides a platform for conversation, oftentimes unveiling opposing viewpoints. 

An IT specialist spoke about how art helps him with cultural understanding. He explained that he is fascinated by artists’ lives, the stories they tell through their artwork and feels a connection with artists who are of the same ethnicity as he. Each person had art experiences or art education in elementary, middle school, or high school; affirming the importance of our work at Art in Action.

These casual chats occurred during my weekly routine of meetings, errands, events, and happenings…art connected us. I invite you to connect with me (via phone, email, or in-person) and share your story about how art impacts your life. – Mary