“A Day Without Art”

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Earlier this month, the art world recognized “A Day Without Art,” its annual response to the ongoing AIDS Crisis. Perhaps no artist is better known for activism in this movement than the late Keith Haring.

Haring come to public awareness through his subway and street art in the 1980s and from that notoriety (and his association with Andy Warhol, Madonna and other celebrities) received numerous commissions around the world for murals and exhibitions. As his work progressed, he used it more and more for advocacy and his very public and often very large works proved to be the ideal canvas to deliver his messages of tolerance and awareness.

Haring is top of mind for a few reasons. First, we have an upcoming Friends of Art in Action tour scheduled to see an amazing retrospective of his work at the de Young Museum. Second, we are in the midst of developing new curriculum on contemporary art movements like street art, (to which our first grade test subjects have responded enthusiastically). And finally Haring, as one artist working to draw the world’s attention to important causes, perfectly represents the theme for our Annual Fund Campaign this year: It Only Takes One.

Because we’ve learned that just as it only takes one artist to make a difference, it only takes one to create a culture of art in a school– one forward-thinking corporate foundation, one dedicated parent, one enthusiastic staff member. And as we continue to grow to reach more students, in more schools, in more places, with the power of art, remember that it only takes one like YOU to help us get there. Please consider making a donation to our Annual Fund today. Thank you.