5 Benefits of Arts Education for Child Development

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Why arts education? Have you wondered about the benefits behind arts education, especially for children?

Art in Action aspires to implement more visual arts programs across the U.S. with our creative curriculum and the devoted team behind each lesson. We believe every child deserves arts education because it helps foster their developing minds.

To better understand the benefits behind this unique sector of education, here are five ways in which the arts can benefit child development.

1. Art helps develop decision-making.

Children learn problem-solving and critical thinking skills when creating or observing art, which can carry over to other parts of their lives.

2. Visual learning is becoming more prominent.

More and more children are taking in information visually. Art helps teach in a visually appealing way, such as through sketching, painting, or sculpting.

3. Cultural awareness is practiced.

Art is universal, meaning every culture has its own art style or interpretation of the world. Children can become more culturally aware in an increasingly diverse society.

4. Creativity and experimentation.

There are no right or wrong answers in art! Every child’s artwork is valued for its uniqueness and creativity.

5. Art promotes commitment and responsibility.

Children learn accountability through decision-making while creating art. They also learn effort and practice lead to polished work they can be proud of.

Thank you for learning about some of the benefits arts education can provide for children.

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