3 Reasons Why You Should Be Incorporating Visual Art Into Your SEL Curriculum

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This week, we will be touching on why art is an essential part of an SEL curriculum. Integrating art lessons into a general curriculum is a great way for students to thrive in non-academic pursuits, which has been shown to help them succeed when it comes to test scores, behavior, and general problem-solving skills. Even if your child is studying online this year, it’s important to have an art curriculum as part of their schoolwork so that they continue taking online art classes. Below are 3 more reasons why art is important.

  1. Students learn how to dive deep into their creative side and understand the implications that come with it.

Art classes innately make students strive to think outside the box. Students learn how to express their emotions through a physical outlet, and vice versa, understand other people’s depictions of their feelings. This promotes social and self-awareness since they will be able to emphasize with people of different backgrounds. Students will also have a better understanding of how to manage social interactions since they have better detection of feelings from art practice. They will be able to better handle their own emotional regulation from having a solid creative outlet. 

  1. Students can develop better relationships with their teachers and other students.

The process of completing an art piece is also extremely important to talk about. Through discussion with teachers about why they like certain pieces or styles will help students develop relationship skills. Also, arts education in a general school curriculum has been shown to promote a school climate that is positive and helps students feel like they have a space to express themselves. 

  1. Students will be able to build self-esteem and develop better decision-making skills by completing art pieces.

By completing art projects on their own, students will be able to cultivate confidence and self-esteem from their accomplishments. Because teachers give students the freedom to explore and learn, the students will become self-efficient and independent in their art studies as well as other aspects of life, thriving in the self-management department. Introspection about their creative process will show students what works and what doesn’t, leading them to make better-informed decisions in the future, strengthening the responsibility decision-making skill.

With SEL and stable art curriculum, schools can ensure that they are meeting the needs of their students both physically and mentally. The cognitive and social skills they learn through SEL will lead them through the rest of school and life.

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