Each ARTbox contains program-specific paper, paints, and other art supplies, such as brushes, pencils, charcoal, oil and chalk pastels, palettes, sponges, water containers, clay tools, etc. needed to teach the lessons.  Some materials are designed for sharing. (Clay and everyday materials like scissors, clean up supplies, etc. not included).  Supplies for 24 students $420 or 30 students $520. 

Masterpiece Reproductions

Masterpiece Reproductions prints are approximately 18”x24”, mounted and in color.  Sold in program level sets of 12 prints for $485. Individuals are $42 each.

Papers Plus Box

Each Papers Plus Box contains all the program-specific paper supplies and other consumables, such as templates, visual aids, and other materials for all lessons in a grade level. Makes lesson preparation easy.  Supplies for 6 students: $45; supplies for 24 students: $160.



As a nonprofit organization we raise funds to keep costs low so all kids can have a visual arts program. Thanks to our generous donors, our prices reflect a 42% subsidy for all schools and organizations.

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