Judy Sleeth Scholarship Fund


In 1982, Judy Sleeth was dismayed to find her child’s kindergarten class did not have an art program due to decimation of arts education programs in California schools through Proposition 13. The need for children to be exposed to art motivated her to start writing and teaching her own art lessons for the class and soon these lessons became popular at other schools in Northern California. Judy Sleeth founded Art in Action in 1982 as the need for art programs like this continued to grow and grow. The organization became a nonprofit in 1999 and has brought a visual arts education to over 500,000 students since its creation. Thanks her vision more than 35 years ago, our program thrives in over 260 schools and we impact nearly 75,000 children every year.

Judy Sleeth is passionate about the importance of arts education. Like many educators today she knows that art education is fundamental to the development of creativity, critical thinking, self-expression and cultural awareness. In recognition of her passion for art education and to fulfill our mission to bring to all children the joys and rigors that art provides, we have established the Judy Sleeth Scholarship Fund. Each year contributions to this fund will provide the Art in Action program to additional underserved schools.

Fund recipients will be selected through an application and review process as outlined below.

Eligibility Requirements:

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Application Process: