about art in action

Our Mission:

CEOs across the country agree that the skill needed most in our future workforce is creativity.  And in an ever move visual society, it is clear that building a child’s visual literacy skills plays an important role for the jobs of the future.  Art in Action kindles students’ thinking and creativity by providing a comprehensive and engaging  program. We make it easy to fill a visual arts education need for Kindergarten through 8th grade students everywhere and help close the achievement gap by making the skills and the joys of art accessible to all students – students who might not otherwise have access to experiences and opportunities the arts elicit. Today we reach more than 70,000 students and train nearly 6,000 teachers in 500 schools and organizations nationwide.

Our History and Founder:

As a teacher, Art in Action Founder Judy Sleeth was dismayed to find that her child’s Kindergarten class did not have an art program, so she started writing and teaching her own art lessons to the class. In 1982, she founded Art in Action as a response to a lack of art lessons taught in classrooms and the decimation of art education programs in California schools through Proposition 13. The program grew to area schools through word of mouth as the need for art programs like this continued to grow. In 1999, Art in Action became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and has become an invaluable resource for school communities across the country.

Art in Action founder, Judy Sleeth, discussing Kandinsky painting with students.

Art in Action founder, Judy Sleeth.